NEU meetings

Join us on 30th November and 7th December for ideas about how you can make your classroom more inclusive.

November 30th – 6-7pm – Invisible impairments in the classroom


Chair – Colleen Johnson-Seat Holder Disabled Members NEU Exec


Yasmin Omar– East London Teacher featured in Educate magazine talking about her own experiences as well as thoughts on ways that schools can recruit and retain disabled staff.


Chris Hamilton/Paul Phillips – Featured in the latest Educate magazine. Chris and Paul will be sharing their experiences of being disabled staff members with an invisible impairment in a secondary school.


Louise Moores– Louise is a class teacher who will share her experiences of managing primary age children’s responses to staff impairments.




December 7th 5.30-6.30pm – Disability Inclusion in Schools


A practical look at resources promoting disability equality and inclusion in schools


Chair – Colleen Johnson-Seat Holder Disabled Members NEU Exec

Colleen is a primary teacher and will be sharing some tips about addressing children’s questions about disability in primary schools.


Louise Regan– NEU Equality and Membership Officer and class teacher

Louise will be sharing her ‘We are all wonders‘ classroom resource and talking about how to use reading and books in the classroom to promote inclusion and disability equality.

Smita Barchhagee –Smita will share her use of the Full Story Resource in her teaching

Merike Williams – Merike will be sharing ideas about making a disability inclusive early years classroom and using books and reading to promote disability equality