Indian Sub continent contribution WWI

January 26, 2015 by richard

Disability, International Solidarity and Equalities Event – University of Sussex

January 23, 2015 by richard

Dear member,
Your NUT branch Assn/Div, in conjunction with the Centre for World Economic History at the University of Sussex, invite you to attend this exciting and informative event, to be held in ARTS C 175 – THE GLOBAL STUDIES RESOURCES CENTRE. The focus throughout the day will be on the social implications of disability, as well as celebrating achievements of the less able. This event will highlight, in particular, the effect of wars – both past and present.
We are privileged to have speakers and presenters with first-hand knowledge and experience, and there will be stalls and displays with teaching resources as well.
Mandy Hudson, our representative for disabled members on the National Executive, will open proceedings. Our NUT Senior Vice-President, Philippa Harvey, will speak about the experiences of the recent NUT delegation to Palestine and be available to answer questions.
Richard Rieser, NUT campaigner for the disabled, and director of “World of Inclusion” will give an illustrated talk on Disability History and this years’ specific theme, and will be available throughout the day to field any questions/give advice.
We have speakers from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign; also from “Jews for Palestine”, as well as representatives from Amnesty.
Tom Yendell of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, (himself born without arms as a result of the drug thalidomide ) returns this year to highlight achievement of less abled people. His presentation illustrates both the work of MFPA and of the charity – T BAG – which he runs to support school student advancement in Ghana.
• The afternoon offers a fantastic opportunity to attend a live performance of “GENTLE MEN” with Robb Johnson and his musicians. This is a poignant song suite production which tells the tale of Robb’s two grandfathers, who were in the First World War and survived BUT were forever in its shadow, as illustrated in Part 2, which takes the audience forward to WW2. The song cycle has been highly acclaimed by Billy Bragg, Robin Deneslow of The Guardian, and The Living Tradition.
• The words and music of “GENTLE MEN” were written and composed by Robb Johnson, who is a local teacher and B and H NUT Committee member, and a highly proclaimed singer, song writer and activist.
Full details will be supplied on receipt of application. Places are limited so don’t delay in applying!
To reserve your place contact one of the following, giving details of your name, NUT Div/Assn email and phone would be helpful
Angie Travis B and H Equalities Officer, LEW Union Learning Rep 01273 245378
Nigel Tart B and H Equalities Officer
Seema McArdle B and H President, International Solidarity Officer
Val Cane B and H Union Learning Rep
Michael Dumas B and H Union Learning Rep

Tom Shakespeare 5 Essays on Famous Disabled People BBC Radio 3

January 6, 2015 by richard

5 Essays Tom Shakespeare