2016: Disability and Language

UKDHM 2016 – Disability and Language

The theme for UKDHM in 2016 will focus on the language used to describe disabled people and the language disabled people use to express themselves. This includes literature, history, oral history and coverage in the newspapers and other print media. Through the lens of language we will seek to gain a greater understanding of our oppression in the past and now. Through human rights and the social model approach to disability, barriers can be removed.

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National Events

Theatre and Disability Day Conference
11th October, London, invitation only (documentation here)

Pack Launch
Lunchtime, 22nd November, Parliament
See full documentation here.

Launch Event
6pm, 22nd November, Kings Place, London, Kings Cross area
See full documentation here.


Education Resources

UKDHM worked with the Anti Bullying Alliance to produce resources and films on this. http://www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/resources/disablist-bullying/disablism-in-class/

UKDHM has collaborated with the Open University to produce an online pack on the history of the treatment of people with learning difficulties. This was based around the film ‘No Longer Shut Up’ on the life of Mabel Cooper, who was incarcerated in St Lawrence, Croydon and then came out to become a leading advocate in People First. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZAgOs4Ngn4.
See full documentation of the Launch Event here.

The materials will be suitable for KS23/4 and 5, with teacher guidance on the different levels and activities.


Resources for Events


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Website www.ukdhm.org

Coordinator: Richard Rieser rlrieser@gmail.com

A page with resources related to the theme can be accessed here.

From Queen Elizabeth Foundation www.qef.org.uk/heritage