2017: Disability and Art

We would like local museums, libraries, councils, schools and colleges, work places and trade unions to put on exhibitions, talks and events during November/December 2017. So start planning and organising now!!!

Approach your local school to do an assembly. Powerpoints you can use are in the resources section.

We want to examine artists who have been disabled, artists who have featured disabled people through a social model lens but also to understand the attitudes existing at different times over history towards disabled people through their portrayal in Art.

UKDHM also wants to feature inter-sectionality in this approach recognising disabled women, LGBT and of different ethnicities and cultures.

We are working with Shape and their NDACA project, National Disability Arts Collection and Archive http://www.ndaca.org.uk/  who are mapping, collecting and cataloguing the Disability Arts Movement where the politics of the Disability Movement was and is expressed creatively. We are jointly producing a resource for schools and colleges as part of this year’s UKDHM.

Click here for an overview of the teaching materials produced.

Click here to watch four animations produced by the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive in collaboration with UKDHM.

The 2017 broadsheet is available in pdf or word, Clear read formats.

A printed version is also available. Order copies from UKDHM info@ukdhm.org

Visit the Complete 2017 Resources



We have a National Launch of UKDHM 2017 event on the evening Wednesday 22nd November 2017 at Parliament 6.00 to 8.30.
By invitation only.

There was a Day Conference on Saturday 21st October on using these resources.
See videos and presentations by the speakers here.

Remember to let UKDHM know anything you plan to do and events so we can put up on the website.
Contact rlrieser@gmail.com or phone 02073592855.