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-Get on our mailing list and stay in contact with us at office.worldofinclusion@gmail.com

-Contact your local chat radio and tell them about an event or publication your organisation has produced which uncovers the hidden history of the way disabled people have been treated/are treated.

-Organise an event, no matter how big or small:

We suggest you could look at how your organisation came into being, or go back before to the time when there wasn’t a disabled people led organisation in your area.

-Focus on recruiting younger disabled people to your organisation. If our DPOs don’t actually recruit and develop young leaders then we run the risk of making it much easier for governments in 5 or 10 years time to push forward these anti-disabled people measures that they are trying to currently put forward.

-Hold a training day in your area to actually develop the thinking of disabled people based on the same principles that the disabled people’s movement was founded on: the social model, independent living, cross-impairment organization and democratic control by a majority of disabled people.

-Work out what the key issues are in you locality, and form campaign around them

The disabilism that exists today can only be challenged by disabled peoples organisations and their allies.

Central to all DPOs is the idea that whatever your impairment you are disabled by the barriers in society and therefore we should link up across all our different and specific needs.

What is also important, is to include those who are underrepresented such as those with intellectual impairments, or learning difficulties, people on the autistic spectrum, people with mental health issues, and those with HIV aids – all of whom count as disabled people under the Equalities Act, but are often not present when disabled people get together.

If we and not careful the governments strategy is to disempower disabled people’s organisations and give the money that we should rightly be getting to large private organisations. These people will not operate in our interest and we have to maintain control over what is going on.

It’s a big job but if we do nothing we are only going to be part of the problem and not part of the solution!