Trade Unions

At the TUC disabled members conference in May 2011, it was unanimously agreed that Trade Unions should support UKDHM.

British Council

-Has your trade union nationally, regionally and local branch affiliated and supported UKDHM? (Affiliate by clicking here)

-Have they planned to hold an even during this year’s Disability History Month?

-Are they putting out information to all members in the work place?

-Have they looked at the history of how disabled peoples’ representation has developed in you union, and written it up so that newer union members can read about it?

-Do you have a campaign to recruit disabled members and to develop disability champions in every work place?

-Have you look at the case work that has been coming up recently around job losses and victimization; and analysed what proportion of your members who are disabled are subjected to this victimisation and harassment by management?

The evidence of this is increasing particular in the Public Sector as more cuts have to be made.