Cast Offs

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Channel 4 in 2009 commissioned a 6 part drama series about a reality TV show where 6 disabled characters played by disabled actors are marooned on an island for 90 days.
Cast offs

CinemAbility – a film by Jenni Gold

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This dynamic documentary takes a detailed look at the evolution of “disability” in entertainment by going behind the scenes to interview Filmmakers, Studio Executives, Film Historians, and Celebrities, and by utilizing vivid clips from Hollywood’s most beloved motion pictures and television programs to focus attention on the powerful impact that entertainment and the media can have on society.

TCM Disability in Film

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Actors Robert David Hall, Danny Woodburn, Kurt Yaeger and Marlee Matlin are featured in this discussion on stereotyping of disabled people in the movies, part of TCM’s October programming The Projected Image: Disability In Film

Crip Fest 2015

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Crip Fest was a day looking at cultural changes in the portrayal of disability in the 25 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act 25th July 2015.

Word of Mouth on Disability

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BBC Radio 4 programme Word of Mouth, hosted by Michael Rosen – on the language used by and about disabled people, and the recent trend in humour of using disability to produce laughs.

With Victoria Wright and Francesca Martinez.

Listen to it here

Invisible Children

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Invisible Children, a report of the Joint Conference of Children, Images and Disability, covering aspects of representation in children’s media.

The Invisible Children Conference was held in March 1995 and was a collaboration between Save the Children and the Alliance for Inclusive Education. It brought together 70 children’s authors, TV producers,Commissioning Editors, actors, parents and disability rights advocates to exam and do something about the absence or negative portrayal of disability in children’s literature and TV. It led to the formation of the 1 in 8 Group.

European Disability Forum Declaration 2003

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This declaration was prepared and adopted at the European Congress on “Media and Disability” held in Athens on 13-14 June, 2003 by over 300 participants from different parts of the media, media networks, advertising and communication companies, organizations of disabled people and representatives of EU Member States. It is adopted within the framework of the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003, and follows the common vision established in the Madrid Declaration.

Read it here.

Colin Barnes – Disabling Imagery And The Media

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Disabling Imagery And The Media An Exploration of the Principles for Media Representations of Disabled People the First in a Series of Reports by Colin Barnes

Media Guidelines for the Portrayal of Disabled People ILO

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Media Guidelines for the Portrayal of Disabled People Ireland, made by the ILO.

TV Tropes

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TV Tropes has many examples of disability portrayal mainly in USA