Hate Crime and the Origins of Hate Crime

There are many reasons why disabled people are targeted. These often arise from the social conditioning through myths, fears and stereotypes.

Government Policy is to get disabled people off benefits and into work. However, even at a time of full employment before 2007, only 48% of working age disabled adults were in work or looking for work. Discrimination by employers is the one of the main factors behind the high rates of unemployment. Recent attacks by Ministers on disabled people as “scroungers” have fuelled media distortions and perpetuated the negative attitudes, prejudice and discrimination of disabled in all areas of life.

ITN Tonight – Hate crime programme

See this ITN Tonight programme hosted by Francesca Martinez a week before London Paralympics investigating hate crime against disabled people. See video here

RJ Mitte talking about his experience of bullying


2012 Broadsheet

The theme in 2012 was Hate Crime and the origins of Hate Crime. Download the UKDHM 2012 Broadsheet

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Challenging bullying and harassment of disabled people in class

A document designed to give teachers information about the history of bullying and harassment of disabled people and ideas/guidance about activities for the classroom. Supported by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. Download it here

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Scope Lesson Plans on Disablism in Twentieth Century UK

A disability teaching pack, all based on interviews with disabled people. See it here

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Changing Times, Changing Lives – Resources 2012

The University of Leeds and UKDHM produced a series of resources as part of UKDHM 2012, including art and drama workshops and a timeline of events relating to disability from 1940-2012.