2016 Resources

Disability and Language

Looking at the language used to describe disabled people, the language disabled use to express themselves. This includes literature, history, oral history and coverage in the newspapers and other print media.

Leeds Student film on Language 2016

Peter Mittler – “Language and Disability: From Holocaust to Austerity Britain”

An essay by Peter Mittler for UKDHM 2016. Presented at event hosted by Manchester City Council’s Disabled Staff Group at City Library, St Peter’s Square, Manchester November 30 2016 Download the essay here

Leeds student’s online campaign to challenge the word ‘suffer’ used in relation to disabled people

This video has been made for Disability History Month UK at the University of Leeds, the Centre for Disability Studies in partnership with Leeds University Union Disability Action Group. Let us know what barriers you suffer from with #isufferfrom For audio-described version, please see here.

Frances Ryan video: It’s time to stop calling disabled people inspirational

Frrances Ryan  video Its time to stop calling disabled people inspirational https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/video/2016/sep/07/its-time-to-stop-calling-disabled-people-inspirational-video

Launch of Open University education resources

Portcullis House, Parliament 22 November 2016 Download the pack here Jan Draper, introduced by Jan Walmsley Angela Rayner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education   Nick Llewellyn and Paul Christian present Access All Areas   Resource: The Cocoa Song   Richard Rieser   Kevin Courtney (NUT General Secretary)   Patrick Burke (People First Merseyside) […]

2016 Launch Event

At King’s Place, London 22 November 2016 See the programme of speakers A series of poems by Maresa MacKeith and Micheline Mason were commissioned for UKDHM 2016. Download the booklet Chaired by Susie Burrows Maresa MacKeith >   Lee Humber Download presentation powerpoint   Penelope Beschizza Download presentation powerpoint   Micheline Mason Download the poem […]

Education resources for schools and colleges on the history of learning disability, 1900 to the present day

http://www.open.ac.uk/health-and-social-care/research/shld/education-resources The Open University, UK Disability History Month and Access All Areas have collaborated to produce this on-line resource With the prevalence of negative language about disabled people and increased name based bullying at school or college particularly for students with learning difficulties this resource will be useful to teachers to raise understanding and empathy […]

2016 Broadsheet

In-depth history and information about the portrayal of disability in the written and spoken word. Download the 2016 Broadsheet here Also available as word a word document.

Quiet Riot a voice for young people without speech

  quiet-riot Quiet Riot: A voice that will be heard, a voice to be reckoned with!   May042014   People who don’t use the spoken word have a great deal to say about communication. People who do use the spoken word have a great deal to learn about communication from people who don’t. Quiet Riot […]

Reshaping Our Future: Theatre and Disability

A day conference held with Park Theatre & Graeae Tuesday 11 October 2016 Documentation below: Introduction to Sorry – a verbatim theatre piece outlining the challenges for disabled artists today By Jenny Sealey, Artistic Director of Graeae The use of language and stereotypes in theatre – Richard Rieser, UK Disability History Month Co-ordinator Download powerpoint […]

The Long Nineteenth Century and Disability

http://www.nineteenthcenturydisability.org/ Mrs Clennam in Charles Dickens Little Dorritt http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/healing-spas-and-ugly-clubs-how-victorians-taught-us-to-treat-people-with-disabilities/

Activity Matching Words and Meanings of Disablist Language

http://www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/media/20398/Disablist-language-activity-FINAL.pdf Disablist language: Where does it come from? Match the Word on the left with origin( numbers)/meaning on the right(letters). Word(s) Origin/Meaning 1. Spaz or spastic A. Used in the USA for people with learning difficulties. Offensive. Use person with learning difficulty or disabled person . 2. Dawrf B. People with Down’s syndrome (a condition […]

Disability in Roman Culture by Victoria Bignell [2008]

Disability in Roman Culture http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/crips-column/2008/04/disabled-slaves-child-roman

The history of disablist bullying and harassment: A resource for teachers

Challenging bullying and harassment of disabled people in class: a resource for teachers Read this before doing timeline activity with class http://www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/media/10881/Challenging-Bullying-and-harassment-of-disabled-people-FINAL.pdf Challenging-Bullying-and-harassment-of-disabled-people-FINAL This resource was kindly written by UK Disability History Month Coordinator Richard Rieser and supported by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. It is designed to give teachers information about the history of bullying and […]

Disability Time Line

This classroom resource aims to help you explain the history of disablism over the last 2,600 years. It was written by the World of Inclusion and should be used from upper primary to secondary.

10 tips to tackle disablist language based bullying in school: A guide for staff

http://www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/media/12271/10-tips-on-tackling-disablist-language-based-bullying-in-school-final-nov14.pdf 10 tips to tackle disablist language based bullying in school: A guide for staff The use of verbal abuse as a form of bullying of disabled children and young people is widespread. This has a significant negative impact on self-esteem and achievement. To challenge it requires a consistent wholeschool approach involving staff, pupils, parents […]

Tackling Disablist Based Language Bullying in School

Written by Richard Rieser of World of Inclusion and the Anti Bullying Alliance http://www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/media/14667/Tackling-disablist-language-based-bullying-in-school-FINAL.pdf

Present in My Past

Purple Patch Arts https://vimeo.com/130333304 A short animation which brings to life the social history of people with learning disabilities and how they have been treated by society. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and developed in partnership with staff at The University of Leeds. Please play in HD.

Long-Stay Mental Deficiency Hospitals in England, Scotland and Wales