22nd November Oxford Brookes 7.00. Screening For Once in My Life

For Once in My Life

For Once In My Life is a documentary about a unique band of singers and musicians, and their journey to show the world the greatness—and killer soundtrack—within each of them. The band members have a wide range of mental and physical disabilities—as well as musical abilities that extend into ranges of pure genius. In a cinema verite style, the film explores the struggles and triumphs, and the healing power of music, as the band members’ unique talents are nurtured, to challenge the world’s perceptions.

“The Goodwill Band is a triumph of the spirit, a celebration of overcoming the odds, and a chance to rock out with the happiest musicians on the planet.”—The Miami Herald
“The sounds that emanate from the band are enough to bring an audience to its feet and tears to the eyes.”—The Sun-Sentinel

Oxford Brookes University
Gipsy Lane, OX3 0BP Oxford, Oxfordshire

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