Activity Matching Words and Meanings of Disablist Language

Disablist language: Where does it come from?

Match the Word on the left with origin( numbers)/meaning on the right(letters). Word(s) Origin/Meaning

1. Spaz or spastic A. Used in the USA for people with learning difficulties. Offensive. Use person with learning difficulty or disabled person

. 2. Dawrf B. People with Down’s syndrome (a condition caused by an extra chromosome). The man who named it thought people with these learning difficulties were an inferior raceMongolians. He was wrong.

3. Freak  C. From Latin-ignorant person, or in the last 100 years someone with severe learning difficulties who was locked away.

4. Retard  D. Offensive. Usually portrayed as evil in fairy tales, working for the Devil. In films to be laughed at. Use short person.

5. Idiot E. Person with cerebral palsy, which is caused by brain damage at birth. The spasms of muscles are called spasticity. Use disabled person

6. Nutter, Mad, Lunatic, Psycho F. ‘Crippled’ or weak legs/arms. Now sometimes means ‘cool’ Don’t use it.

7. Mong G. From Old English –to creep from Krippple. To be without power. Offensive

8. Lame H. To be a beggar, cap in hand. Imposed disadvantage. A light jockey puts weights in saddle. Don’t use. Use disabled person.

9. Cripple I. People with mental health issues. Thought in the past to be linked to cycle of the moon.

10. Handicapped J. Different. From Freak show when in the past people paid money to look and laugh at disabled people. Don’t use. Use disabled person.

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