Destination Sound 7.00 Wednesday 21st November, Bluecoat, Liverpool

Destination Sound  – A platform for new music celebrating the talent and creativity of Disabled musicians. Featuring compositions by Ben Lunn, Siobhan Dyson, Lucy Hale, Rylan Gleave, Sonia Allori, Kris Halpin and Claire Johnston. 7:00pm Wednesday 28 November, Bluecoat, Liverpool.

Cutter // Nash at The Space In-Between Metal, Liverpool, 21 November 2018.

Cutter // Nash at The Space In-Between  Metal, Liverpool, 21 November 2018. Fusing their shared interests in non-normative bodies, voices and queerness, Cutter // Nash create eerie and seductive live soundscapes using voices, synthesisers, DAWs and hacked controllers

UKDHM Supports the Day of Action on Wednesday November 21st Against Disability Discrimination in Education

UKDHM supports the Day of Action Against Disability Discrimination in Education. We are facing record cuts backs and quasi- privatisation in education which is leading to increasing disability discrimination angainst students and staff. This attack on disabled people’s rights is…