UKDHM 2018 Launch Great Success.

Launch UKDHM running orderLaunch UKDHM running orderGeorge McKay speaking at UKDHM launch
Professor George McKay speaking on Punk Rock and DisabilityPunk Rock and Disability, UKDMH launch talk
Tinuke Jonah singing her new song If you Leave Tinuke Jonah at UKDHM launch
Kiri Tunks President National Education Unionimage3 (2)
John Kelly representing Drake Music performing Fit in a Box weith Kellycaster
Marsha de Cordova MP shadow Minister Disabled People
image1 (3)
Dame Evelyn Glennie UKDHM Film 8 minutes

Lizzie Emeh from Heart n Soul song Hard Love and talked about being first performer with a learning difficulty having a commercial EP made.

John McDonnell MP our host saying why he supports UKDHM and what must bwe done to bring equality into disabled people’s lives.image2 (2)

Sir Richard Stilgoe talking about using his royalties froim musicals he has written to fund Orheus Centre in his family home. Orpheus helps young sdisabled people learn to live independently and develop their creative talents.
Sir Richard Stilgoe at UKDHM Launch

Kathy Lette and actort son Jules(Holby City) at Launch
Kathy Lette and Jules at UKDHM Launch

Danny Sapani, Susie Burrows Samson Soboye and Saffron Burrows at launch

Danny,Susie, Samson & Saff

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