The First To Go (Nabil Shaban)

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The most recent upload is the video recording of the entire two and half hour live performance “The First To Go” as presented at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow in 2008. I have subtitled the whole show, a) for deaf and hard of hearing viewers, but also b) because the audio quality is not consistently good due to the show being filmed from the back of the auditorium with a single camera and microphone.

This is the link to YouTube video.
“The First To Go”

Everyone knows about the millions of Jews who died in the Nazi extermination camps. Countless books, plays  and films have been produced to ensure that we never forget and so remain vigilant against any likely recurrence. Yet until Nabil Shaban decided to do something about it, there has never been a play or film which seeks to tell the story of Hitler’s Euthanasia program for disabled people.

In fact,  THE FIRST TO GO,  the First Victims, in Hitler’s systematic drive to purify the Aryan race were people with physical, sensory, mental and psychiatric disabilities. Gas chambers were originally created to speed up the culling of such unwanted “Useless Eaters”, the term used by Hitler to describe disabled people.

Nabil Shaban’s play, THE FIRST TO GO, doesn’t just tell the story of Disabled Victims, it also tells of Disabled Heroes and  Disabled Villains.

The Disabled Victims, Siegfried, Heide and Helmut….it is their destiny to be given lethal injections.

The Disabled Villain, Dr. Josef Goebbels, a man who so hated being crippled with a clubbed foot, he chose to hate all disabled people, he masterminded the propaganda campaign advocating Euthanasia.

The Disabled Heroes, Claus von Stauffenberg, the one armed, one eyed “terrorist”  who attempted to blow up Hitler

And Brunhilde, the German Army nurse who becomes disabled and consequently joins the ranks of the persecuted but in doing so, helps thwart Hitler’s plan to rid the world of so-called “imperfect” people.

Nabil Shaban

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Here is my YouTube channel – 2BenefitPeople which archives the hidden TV and Film Cultural History of Disabled People over the past three and half decades. As I said yesterday, the channel contains only those film and television that I have had a creative input, whether as performer, writer, film-maker, which are not commercially available on DVD or Online. Also, I have uploaded the material for educational purposes and not for monetary profit.


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Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte: End stigma around disability

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Actor RJ Mitte rose to fame at the age of 14 when he was cast as Walter White Jr in cult series Breaking Bad.

He has cerebral palsy and was bullied when he was younger because of his disability. “I had my hand broken, my foot broken, I was slammed on the ground,” he says.

Now he says it is time to end the stigma surrounding disability.

Working with charity Scope he is travelling the country giving talks around the misconceptions around disability.

One recent talk was at the Oxford Union – at 22 he is one of the youngest people to have had that honour – where he said that acting in Hollywood is extremely difficult if you’re disabled.
“This industry is very negative and harsh to people with disabilities,” he says, “because of the idea of perfection… which technically doesn’t exist.”

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Photographer with Down’s syndrome ‘sees the world differently’

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Photographer Oliver Hellowell has Down’s syndrome, which his mother says means he sees the world differently from most people.

Oliver’s unique way of capturing the natural world has recently gained him a lot of fans.
Just over a year ago, his mother Wendy O’Carroll set up a Facebook page for the 18-year-old’s photography. That page now has more than 10,500 followers.

“It’s not just the numbers that have surprised the family, it’s the range of people,” says Wendy. The page has fans from Brazil to Alaska.

Oliver hopes that photography – particularly of birds – can become his full-time profession.

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Can advertisers be persuaded to use more disabled models?

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Published on on 4 August 2014

In a new advert for disability charity Scope, model Jack Eyers strips down to his underpants, revealing not only his torso but also his prosthetic leg.
According to campaigning group Models of Diversity there are too few disabled models making it into the world of “perfect” bodies. “There aren’t really any disabled model role-models in the public eye,” says Eyers. “It’s just assumed this isn’t a path a disabled person would go down, whether they look good or not.”

Disabled models have been used in high-street campaigns in the past but Eyers says these models are often dropped after the initial publicity dies down.
BBC News went to meet Jack Eyers on a shoot and spoke to him and others involved in the Scope campaign about ambition, beauty and the world of advertising.

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Opportunity for disabled actors with RJ Mitte

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I’m With Stupid

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Fridays Ep. 101 “The Comedown”

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Switched at Birth (2011–)

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Series on ABC Family, featuring deaf character Daphne Vasquez.

Season 3 Episode 9, on Amazon

The Fifth Gospel (1990)

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In 1989, Nabil Shaban with his then girlfriend, Tina Leslie, went to Lourdes to make a television documentary about disability and Christianity, commissioned by the BBC. It was called “The Fifth Gospel”.

It was produced and directed by Nigel Evans, and written by Nigel Evans, Tina Leslie and Nabil Shaban.

The programme was screened in 1990 as part of BBC’s Everyman religious affairs slot.

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