Changing Times, Changing Lives – Resources 2012

The University of Leeds and UKDHM produced a series of resources as part of UKDHM 2012, including art and drama workshops and a timeline of events relating to disability from 1940-2012.
UK Disability History Month

The University of Leeds produced a series of resources as part of UKDHM 2012.

They can be downloaded here.

They include the following:

  • Work of life stories of disabled people – art, drama, social studies, history.
  • Changing Lives Changing Times Manual & activities.


  • Talking Heads – Real Stories of 5 disabled people
  • Workshop Storyboard Drama and Installation
  • Performance – Based on findings of the Social Science Disability research project which looked at how life has changed for young disabled people between World War II and the present day, this musical theatre performance uses the skills of students from CAPA College and Cockburn School to translate the page to the stage.

A time-line of events relating to disability 1940–2012 – produced by UKDHM

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