Exploration 2023 : Disabled and Young in UK

A collaboration to get the creative views of young disabled people

We are looking for each contributor to express the good, the bad and the changes they would like as young disabled people. The most insightful, interesting and powerful contributions in each category will be celebrated.
UK Disability History Month’s (UKDHM) theme is Disability, Children and Youth in 2023.

UKDHM use a social model of disability. This means entrants must have long-term impairments of body, senses or mind, and that their disadvantage is caused by socially created barriers of attitude, environment and organisation. Disabled people have human rights which are often denied by prejudice, bullying and discrimination. This approach should be applied in contributions.

Groups can be facilitated by staff. Contributors will need parental permission to enter.

There will be 4 age groups for entrants:
Under 8 years – Up to 200 words or up to 2 minutes
8-12 years – Up to 300 words or up to 3 minutes
12-16 years – Up to 500 words or up to 5 minutes
16-25 years – Up to 750 words or up to 5 minutes
Contributions from individuals or groups of young disabled people in mainstream and special education provision.

Entries can be written essays, poems, posters, artwork (1 x A3 sheet) (Word or PDF), films, signing, acting, audio (MP4 file) or any combination. They will be short listed then go to a judging panel. The results will be announced during UK Disability History Month in 16 November/16 December 2023.

Entries must be submitted with an application form and an electronic high resolution version of their entry to susieburrows@live.co.uk by Tuesday 31st October.

The panel of judges includes: Mike Rosen, Colleen Johnson NEU Exec, Yewande Akintelu-Omoniyi, Disability campaigners, writers and teachers.
Richard Rieser UKDHM Coordinator rlrieser@admin


Find resources to inspire your contribution here.