Influential people who have impacted disability related UK laws and equal rights.

This resource contains stories of influential people who have impacted
disability related UK laws and equal rights. Launched to mark Disability
History Month 2020, this resource can be used throughout the academic
year to embed the stories across the curriculum.

Learn about…

Ben Purse
Ben was an early trailblazer for disability rights, leading a march of blind
people and people with visual impairments to Parliament in 1920, which led
to an important new law.

Rosa May Billinghurst
Influential suffragette and wheelchair user, Rosa played an important role
in protests and action in the campaign for votes for women.

Lord Alf Morris
As an MP and member of the House of Lords, Alf became a strong
disability rights ally after experiencing inequality first-hand when his father
returned from the Great War unable to work due to his injuries.

Anne Begg
Motivated by the challenges she faced to become a teacher, Anne
campaigned to become an MP in Parliament to fight for equal opportunities
for all, becoming the first ever full-time wheelchair user in the House of

Baroness Jane Campbell
As a young girl, Jane found herself unfairly excluded from mainstream
education and wanted to make sure no one was left out again, by first
becoming a disability rights activist, and later a member of the House of

Deborah Williams
When Deborah, a performer and artist, established her own company to tell
her stories, she became such a success that she was invited into
Parliament to share her experience and skills with a select committee.

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