3rd December and all month

Equal Lives and Disability History Month 22 November – 22 December including the International Day of Disabled People which is on 3rd December 2014
This year the theme for Disability History Month is War and Impairment: The Social Consequence of Disablement which links with the centenary of the start of World War 1.
We are working with Norwich Library Services and the Castle Museum to put together a display of information including images, books and films on the theme which will travel around several libraries in Norfolk.
We have also been working with some of our member groups who have put together their own display board to promote event looking at a particular theme associated with the event, these include social inclusion, employment and housing. We would like the event to inform their local community about Disability History Month and improve awareness of disability. This also gives the groups the opportunity to promote their group to other people encouraging them to join their group and also promote this through local media.
Below is a list of dates when the display and information will be at your local Library. We hope you will support the event.
24 November – 1 December 2014 Diss Library, Church St, IP22 4DD
2 – 8 December 2014
Norwich Millennium Library, The Forum, Millennium Plain, NR2 1AW
8 – 15 December 2014 Watton Library, George Trollope Rd, IP25 6AS
16 – 23 December 2014 Sheringham Library, New Road,
NR26 8EB
23 December 2014- 9 January 2015 North Walsham Library, New Road, NR28 9DE
9-16 January 2015 Gt Yarmouth Library, Tolhouse St, NR30 2SH
19 – 26 January 2015 Kings Lynn Library, London Rd, PE30 5EZ
26th January 2015 – 2 February 2015 Fakenham Library, Oak St, NR21 9DY

The event at the Forum on Wednesday 3rd December from 9.00-1 pm
Which is International Day of Disabled People.
We are having a small display of stands including information from the Libraries on UK DHM, a recent project which the Youth Forum have been working on with the Castle Museum, Norwich, our member groups from Norwich including Norwich Access, Norwich ILG and Norwich Sing Your Heart Out. We will also have a stand promoting Equal Lives.
We will also be showing a series of short films in the Cure from 9.30 through to 1.00. These compare and contrast issues which around the Social Consequence of Disablement as a result of War. These include:
• Injuries to forces personal and their journey through the Ministry of Pensions from Rehabilitation to finding a Job. We contrast this to the Help for Heroes Charity and their stance around injured forces men and women from the recent Iraq, Afghan Wars
• The examination and treatment around “Shell Shock” and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
• How the first War affected deaf children and how they reacted. We are looking at a comparison to how War affects civilians/Refugees
• The Youth Forum have completed a film looking at the effect of War on the family compared to how it affects the family now.
• We are also looking at issues around the Holocaust.
There is an opportunity after each film to have a debate around the issues raised.
Over the last few months whilst we have been working with several member groups some have highlighted local issues which are affecting individuals in their community such as:
o Lack of suitable Housing for people with disabilities in Kings Lynn
o Building Access issues in Sheringham
o Health issues in Dereham & Watton. Local Gp Practices “striking” off patients from their lists.
We thought we would have more time in the New Year to debate/have an open discussion with the local groups and residents as to seeking a response from Housing Associations, residential/Supported Housing, The Tourist Board, the local chamber of Commerce and local MPs/Councillors, GPs, the CCGs etc. Possibly working with these organisations to overcome these disability barriers.

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