Touring this Autumn a show about disabled suffragette May Billinghurst


  • Dates booked in so far for the Autumn Tour are: 8th Nov- Trowbridge Arts Centre 7.30pm; 22nd Nov- Anglia Ruskin University; 24 Nov – Shaftesbury Arts Centre, Dorset 7:30pm; 1 Dec – Pound Arts Centre, Corsham 7.30pm.
  • Here is the blurb:

“ ‘May’ is a one woman show based on the life of ‘the crippled suffragette’ May Billinghurst. The play takes the audience back to the early 20th Century and uncovers a forgotten history about May Billinghurst, one of the women who fought for women’s rights and the vote.      Based on a true story, ‘May’ has a unique take on the fight for women’s rights and gives an insight into the claustrophobic Victorian era. The play uses original letters and extracts between May Billinghurst, her family, Emmeline Pankhurst and other suffragettes to examine the social constrictions facing women alongside their role as wives and mothers.

May also journeys into the unspoken nature of LGBTQI individuals, sexual repression and the restricted lives of those with disabilities. Imprisoned and silenced by her sexuality, Billinghurst has been widely forgotten.

Through the story of Billinghurst, we are invited to explore society’s treatment of women, sexuality and those living with disabilities in 20th Century Britain, whilst also reflecting on modern-day society, where women continue to fight for their voices to be heard. Kemp returns to Billinghurst’s story and asks – how far have we come in 100 years?”

  • Other information including key individuals: Written and performed by Phoebe Kemp, Directed by Hannah Treadway and Design by Natalie Remington // Produced by Wyldwood Arts // Supported using Funding by Arts Council England // Special thanks to Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge and Davinci MobilityMAY PRODUCTION_websize 04MAY PRODUCTION_websize 05

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