UK Disability History Month 2017 Postscript

This years theme of Visual Art and Disability has been a great success.

We produced and distributed 2,300 copies of the 12 page Broadsheet.

We had a 2 page article in Septembers issue of the Teacher that goes to 375,000 teachers

We held a successful day conference on 21st October with 55 participants from all over the country with Tony Heaton, Tanya Raabe

-Webber,  Barbara Lisciki, Richard Rieser and Sarah Dormer of NDACA and a film from Alison Lapper-all on the website

We worked with Shape and NDACA to produce 4 animations about the Disability Arts Movement and activities and resource sheets on these animations

We produced a timeline and 50 visual essays of artists who were disabled or featured disabled subjects or both

We delivered and filmed a KS3 and 4 assembly

We delivered a KS 1 and KS 2 assembly with power points

We held a launch event in THE UK PARLIAMENT on 21st November with Marc Quinn and John McDonnell MP

with Tony Heaton, Tanya Raabe-Webber,  Barbara Lisciki, Richard Rieser

The National Union of Students distributed our material and the of their own postcards of strong disabled women leaders to many colleges. This was backed up by many colleges holding events with members of UCU-The college Lecturers Union

Some schools held art competitions

Events were held at Kent University, The Metropolitan Archive, Brighton, Bedford, Leeds, Manchester, Wakefield . Unite the Union and the TUC and many others.

Our theme for 2018 will be Disability and Music. Start thinking and planning now. We will cover disabled musicians and composers, Music that has featured disability story lines and librettos. How the social model of disability in music leads to reasonable adjustmemnts and Music and the Disability Arts Movement.


Contact the Coordinator, Richard Rieser  with ideas and information 0207 359 2855 or Mobile 07715420727



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