War and Impairment Day Conference

The six presentations from the UKDHM 2014 Day Conference on War and Impairment.
Speaking are Neil Faulkner, Roddy Slorach, Emmeline Burdett, Kate Macdonald, Pieter Verstraete and Richard Rieser.

Held on 6 December 2014, at Student Central, London

Neil Faulkner – Industrialised slaughter: how the world went mad in 1914

Roddy Slorach – A Brief History of Disabled War Veterans

Emmeline Burdett – The Portrayal of the Disabled Soldier in Wilfred Owen’s poem Disabled

Kate Macdonald – Seeing Disability in British First World War popular culture

Pieter Verstraete – Commemorating the disabled soldier – tales from the unknown

Richard Rieser – The Social Impact of Impairment and War in the Majority World

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