A4 Activity on Traditional /Medical /Social Models of Disability

A4 Activity on Traditional /Medical /Social Models of Disability
 Make the 30 statements below into 30 statements on cards
 Mix up the cards
 Get groups to sort them under three headings: Traditional, Medical and Social Model Views

30 Statement
Traditional View
Your impairment is a punishment from God
You are a freak of nature
You should be a penitent sinner
You should not be allowed to have children
You are like that because your parents did something wrong
You’ve got a chip on your shoulder
How can you get married and have children
I feel pity for you
You are a child of the devil and evil
You are in-educable
Medical Model View
If you try really hard you could be normal
If we operate you will be able to walk again
You are ill and need a psychiatrist
You must go to a special school and have specialist therapy
If you follow the course of treatment you could be cured
You will never be able to have a sexual relationship
You will always have the mental age of a 5 year old
You are a danger to yourself and others
If they are allowed to breed they will weaken the gene pool
Equality is treating everyone the same
Social Model View
We have the right to be different
We see what you can do, not what you can’t
We provide the support you need
Work at a pace and in a way that suits you
This building needs to be made accessible
Equality is giving people what they need to thrive
You can be whatever you want
You have the right to be a lover and a mother
Your views are important
Inclusive education for all

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