B1 Activities KS2 Disability Time line exercise Speaking for Ourselves

B1 Activities KS2 Disability Time line exercise Speaking for Ourselves
Download Scope Timeline Speaking For Ourselves Timeline Last 100 Years

Also available with other resources www.speakingforourselves.org.uk
Read and discuss the timeline. Note that this was produced by Scope, a charity that supports and campaigns for rights for people with cerebral palsy and all disabled people.

1. The time line covers the last hundred years. What is the first date and last date?
2. What impact did the Mental Deficiency Act in 1913 have on some children?
3. How many men were left with permanent impairments across Europe in the First World War?
4. What did many disabled war veterans have to do in the 1920s and 1930s?
5. From 1933 in Nazi Germany many disabled people were treated very badly. What happened to them?
6. In 1944 the UK Government introduced law to give work to disabled people.
a)What did this law do?
b) How was this different to what happened after the First World War?
c) Can you find out how injured soldiers are being treated today and how is this different?
7. a)What happened to disabled children after the 1944 Act?
b)How was this changed in 1981?
c)How was this improved in 2001?

8. Why did things improve for disabled people in the early 1970s?
9. a)What happened between 1982 and 1995?
b)Why do you think this took so long to achieve in 1995?

10. Look at the pictures on the timeline.
a)How do you think the older pictures (mainly black and white) are different to the newer (mainly colour) ones?
b) What do these tell you about changing attitudes?
c) In groups, design and make a poster for disabled people’s rights and equal treatment.

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