B2 Activities KS3 and KS4 using NHS Disability history timeline

B2 Activities KS3 and KS4 using NHS Disability history timeline
[Go to B6 PDF ‘A Disability History Timeline The struggle for equal rights through the ages’
Produced by Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights NHS North West March 2013]
1. Read the pages on cultural representation and stereotypes of disabled people and answer questions below.

a) Pick three negative thoughts and three positive thoughts about disabled people. Each one should come from a different time and place

b) For each one, identify when and where it occurred. Say what the idea was, then say what you think was wrong with this stereotype or way of thinking.

2. Read the section Law and Legislation.
a) When was the first Act to give some financial protection to disabled people? Where did the money come from?
b) Which law allowed the King to take the property of those declared with mental illness or impairment?
When was it passed?
What was it called?
c) What happened in 1834 and what was its impact on disabled people?
d) What happened in 1845 and 1890 which impacted on the lives of people with mental illness?
How did these laws change how people with mental health problems were treated?
e) What happened in 1897, 1908 and 1911 which improved the position of old and disabled people?
f) What occurred in 1944, 1970 and 1995 that improved the lives of disabled people? Describe how these changes helped disabled people develop more independent lives
3. Read Section 3(p17-23). Achievements of Disability Rights Campaigners
a) Which Prime Minister’s son campaigned to improve the treatment of people with mental health issues (mad people)? What did he do?
b) Often non-disabled people have campaigned for improvements in the lives of disabled people> What happened in 1919 and why migh some disabled people be critical of these changes?
c) Self-activity and organisation by disabled people themselves becomes increasingly important. Which groups organised in the following years and what did they achieve?
i)1890 ii) 1929 iii) 1965 iv) 1981 v) 1986 vi) 1992 vii) 1996 viii) 2011
d) Jack Ashley was a deaf MP who campaigned in parliament for a better deal for disabled people. How did he do this?

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