Curriculum Resource for German and Anti Racism

In advance of Disability History Month 2021, whose double focus is on invisible disabilities, and sex and relationships, I’d like to invite some representatives from the Beschwerdechor Heidelberg’s recent successful accessible Festival Fringe kid’s film [Paradi Inclusioni]  

You can watch the film here: [access information and translation info is on the page]  

‘Get Up Stand Up Speak Up’ about racism and acceptance in the UK and Germany –

We believe the film, and the making of the film itself,  is a great example of positive relationships between people with visible and invisible disabilities. 

We also made the film accessible for blind, visually impaired, and hearing impaired viewers- ie with audio description, BrailleReader- and screen-readable transcripts in English and German, and image description in English and German.  

Shows the core message of ‘out of weaknesses comes strength, and out of hate comes love’ – seems simple, but we know this inclusive mindset hasn’t existed for so long in the past- and even today in the UK and Germany it isn’t found everywhere.