UKDHM 2021 Launch Event

Powerpoint presentation and videos from the launch of UKDHM 2021

For 2021 we have twin themes:
Disability and Hidden Impairment
Disability Relationships and Sex

At the on-line launch we heard from:

Richard Rieser, founder and coordinator – The impact of disabilism-systematic oppression and discrimination on disabled people in the above two areas

Daniel Kabede, President of the NEU – Why UKDHM is so important in educating the next generation

Marsha De Cordova MP – Why Parliament should take disabled people’s rights much more seriously

Janine Booth, TUC Disabled Workers Committee, RMT and Autism Activist – Why all those with Neurodiversity must be accepted and have their rights upheld

Ellen Goodey, activist, actor, speaker with Downs Syndrome The importance of marriage to her;

Mik Scarlet, journalist, actor, TV presenter and disability activist – Disability and Sexuality

Penny Pepper, writer, activist, musician – Disabled Women and Sex

Download powerpoint presentation here

Download powerpoint with videos embedded (524 mb)

Video presentations from the Launch Event: