D2 Natural Fools in the court of Henry Eight at Hampton Court Activities PHSE KS2

D2 Natural Fools in the court of Henry Eight at Hampton Court Activities PHSE KS2
In 2011 Hampton Court Palace hosted a group of actors, called the Misfits, to investigate the role of the fool or jester at the Tudor court. All the performers playing the fools had learning difficulties. The education team at Hampton Court have put together a series of lessons based on this project to help you teach this little known aspect of Tudor times and to introduce a vehicle for discussion in class about learning difficulties, prejudice, discrimination and prejudice.
Lesson 1
Lesson plan and resources- Developing good relationship and respecting difference between people http://www.hrp.org.uk/Resources/fools1lessonplanandresources.pdf
The dynasty Portrait was Henry’s favourite made up picture including two fools
Powerpoint giving facts that have been established about fools at the Tudor Court
Lesson 2
Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people, deals with disability discrimination and stereotypes.
Powerpoint- What do we mean by disability?
Prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes
Lesson 3
Recognising and challenging stereotypes. http://www.hrp.org.uk/Resources/prejudice_discrimination_stereotype.zip
Lesson 4
Watch Videos http://www.hrp.org.uk/MediaPlayer/ViewPlaylist.aspx?PlaylistId=149&SiteMapId=1776
1.Introduction to All King’s Fools Project. 4.06 minutes.
2.All the King’s Fools About Us. 6.02 minutes.
Introduces actors in the Misfits who talk about their lives as people with learning difficulties
3. Stereotypes and bullying. 5.44 minutes.
Actors speaking about their lives and independence and other people’s attitudes.
4.’I’m forgotten’ a song by Marsail Edwards (one of the actors). 2.07minutes
Marsail sings a song she wrote and composed and explains the feelings that made her write it.
5. Poem ‘Treat me with Respect’ by Penny Lepiz (actor). 1.47 minutes
Treat me with Respect
When you have a leaning difficulty
you get called bad names
People just don’t see me
the way I really am
It makes me feel cut off
as if no one wants me around
But deep within me
I know that’s not true
I do have belief in myself
and my own self respect
If people could see who I really am
and treat me as an equal
then they would know the real me
I’m no different anyone else
I just need the respect I deserve
And the future will be OK
So think carefully before you scorn me
with your bigoted ignorant attitudes
I am a person in my own right
as others who have a learning difficulty
We should all be united as one equal
Out with prejudice
Out with ignorance
Respect and tolerance
is what we need
and this is what we are going to get
if we fight for what we want
Those who choose to remain against us
with their scorn and derision
are their own worst enemy.

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