D3 Activities KS3 & 4 History, Drama, PHSE

D3 Activities KS3 & 4 History Drama PHSE
Natural Fools in the court of Henry Eight at Hampton Court
The Wellcome Trust who funded All the King’s Fools has provided a website www.allthekingsfools.co.uk
This site contains longer videos of the Hampton Court performance, recreating how natural fools (people with learning difficulties), at the court of Henry VIII would have gained a special relationship jesting with the king and telling him things that no one else would. The re-creation is based on historic research. Mirth was considered good for health in Tudor times and fools were respected members of Henry’s court.
All the Kings Fools (16.05) shows the performances and gives the reasons for them. Behind the Scenes (18.55) tells the story of how the performances were created http://www.allthekingsfools.co.uk/site/videos/
The sense of play which the actors had and the professional approach they brought to the work were both incredible and the shows went down extremely well. All the feedback has been very positive.
1. What is the evidence that backs up the interpretation given by the Misfits in All the King’s Fools?
2. How do you think most people with learning difficulties and disability might have been treated in Tudor times? (Examine the English Heritage Disability in Time and Place website www.english-heritage.org.uk/discover/people-and…/disability-history/ ‎)
3. Watch the King’s Fools and then Behind the Scenes videos and then describe the processes the actors used to make the production.
4. What were the strengths of using a group of actors with learning difficulties?
5. Prejudice and bullying. Watch films 3,4 and 5
(http://www.hrp.org.uk/MediaPlayer/ViewPlaylist.aspx?PlaylistId=149SiteMapId=1776 ). Describe the nature and type of prejudice the actors have been subjected to in real life and what they think should be done about it.
6. What can you do to challenge such prejudice and bullying?

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