In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell – an autistic’s perspective on working in health and social care settings

Date: 8 December 2015
Time: 11:30–12:30
Location: BG11, Bournemouth House, Lansdowne Campus

Event Description:

“Autism is characterised as a disability with difficulties relating to social and sensory fluency”

“Disability is an unfortunate word because many interpret it to mean that a person with a disability isincompetent. However, what disabled really means is: not functioning as expected.” (Denyse King)

In this lunch break sized talk Denyse King explains what difficulties in social and sensory fluency really means in relation to working in health and social care, and explores how someone who functions differently is able to work as effectively as other colleagues in this diverse field.


I am a registered midwifery lecturer teaching midwifery two days per week, and a registered public health practitioner, working two days per week for my local Public Health Department. I also write for adults and children (, am a patron of reading (, an event director for a weekly 2k junior parkrun which regularly attracts 80+ participants (, and the link midwife for the Fibromyalgia UK Association. I enjoy competing in duathlons and am training to take up the challenge of my first triathlon. At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger syndrome, in addition to dyslexia and dyspraxia (which definitely explains a lot of things including why I can’t read a tube map).


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