Secondary / KS3 & KS4

Resources and activities for secondary students
Word Power Download
The Language We Use Download

Secondary Maths

Maths Activities on Disability and Employment in the United Kingdom.  download
Disability and employment statistics.  download
Factsheet – Employment.  download
Disability and employment statistics definitions.  download
Data and Information on Disability and Employment in United Kingdom.  download
Mathematical basis of the Braille Code. (The following lesson was developed by Maths Department at Anthony Gell Secondary, Derbyshire.) lesson plan templates  codes  
Flyer Norfolk Coalition Disabled People 2006Understanding Disability – The Social Model of Disability and Human Rights. download

Everybody Welcome Here

Everybody is Welcome Here Secondary Disability Equality in Practice. A poster campaign for secondary schools.   Flyer     Download Posters 1     Download Posters 2

Secondary Science

The Human Body and its Impairments.  download
Common impairments and their causes.  download
Common Impairments Visible and Invisible. (Developed by Chris Carr of Anthony Gell Secondary School, for Year 8 Science.) Powerpoint  lesson plan worksheets


Ludwig van Bethoven.  download
Porgy and Bess.   download
Johnny Crescendo and Direct Action Network.  download  Listen to 2 of Johnny’s songs track 2 track 3
Staff Benda Bilili.  download

Secondary English

Poems with a disability focus.  download
English Work in KS3 and KS4.  download
Examples in the news.  download
Hacked Off – A Journalist’s guide to disability.  download
Stereotypes – Defying stereotypes: the way forward.  download
What is in the Headlines?  download
A case of human rights by Simon Brisenden.  download
Richard III and the portrayal of disability.  download
Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo – Disability Aspects.  download
Uppity Downs A Poem by Michelene Mason celebrating World Downs Day
Poems by Disabled People for UKDHM 2016 Poems by Maresa MacKeith, Quiet Riot & Micheline Mason Poems Booklet 2016

Identifying Barriers in your College/school  Download