Resources created for National Union of Teachers 2013 UKDHM

A large number of information and activities to bring different aspects of disability history into the curriculum focussing on the way disabled people were treated from 1000 AD to the present day. A primary focus is on the  change from sanctuary in the monastries to dissolution, the rise of the poor law and then the workhouse; the introduction of asylums for those considered ‘mad’ in 1850 followed by eugenists driven incarceration of people with intelectual impairments or learning difficulties then the growth of the de-segregation movement and independent living currently under threat from Government austerity measures.

A0 is an introduction to the resource  A0 Introduction

Followed by a range of documents and activities identified in the introductory document.

A1 Teachers Guide Ways of thinking and speaking about Disabled People

A2 Ways of thinking about disability KS2 Activity

A3 Information and Activity KS2 to 4 Who are disabled people Equality Act Definition

A4 Activity KS 3-4 on Traditional Medical Social Models of Disability

A5 Activity KS 2 to 4 Impairment disability adjustment barrier free

A6 Activities KS 2 3 and 4 Social Model of Disability

A7 Activities KS 2 3 & 4 Language and disabled people

B1 Activities KS2 Disability Time line exercise Speaking for Ourselves

B2 Activities KS3 and KS4 using NHS Disability history timeline

B3 Activities KS2 KS3 KS4 Disabled People who have made a difference

B4 Our Stature Touches the Skies Disabled people who have made a difference blog Activities KS4 KS5

B5 Disability Time Line – NHS North WestC1 Teachers notes Disability in the Feudal and Medieval period

C2 Information and Activities KS2 & KS3 Miracle Cures of Disabled People in Medieval Period.

C3 Information and Activities KS 2 3 4 Disability In Medieval Hospitals and Almshouses

C4 Information sheets and Activities KS2 3&4The time of Leprosy

D1 Teachers Notes Disabled People in the Period 1485 to 1660

D2 Natural Fools in the court of Henry Eight at Hampton Court All the Kings Fools KS2

D3 Natural Fools in the court of Henry Eight at Hampton Court Activities KS3

D4 Activities KS2 3 The lives of disabled people in C16th Century

E1Teachers Notes The Poor Laws and Disabled People

E2 Activity KS3 & KS4 Did the treatment of Poor People Improve After 1834 Poor Law

E3 Activities KS4 & KS5 on the Poor Laws and disabled people using internet based resources.

E4 Numbers and the New Poor Law

F1 Information Sheet on the Mental Deficiency Act and Eugenicist Thinking

F2 KS3 Activity Mental Deficiency Meanwood Park

G1 Closure of Long Stay Institutions Information Sheet

G3 Activities KS 2 to 4 on Camden Society and People with Learning Difficulties

G4 Activity Sheet KS 2 to 4 Mabel Cooper telling her story.

G5 Information Sheet on the History of Mental Illness and Mental Health Problems

G6 Activities Ks4 & 5 History of Mental HealthH1 Information Sheet Principles of Independent Living

H2 Information sheet and Activities KS 4 and 5 English Factual or PHSE Independent Living

H3 Information and Activities KS2 3 & 4 Choices and Rights the Music and Poetry of the Disability Rights MovementRelevant Resources

A8 Resource Sheet The origin of negative words associated with disability